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The Atlantic oyster is a species of true oyster native to the eastern seaboard and Gulf of Mexico coast of North America. It is also farmed in Puget SoundWashington, where it is known as the Totten Inlet Virginica. Atlantic oysters are and have been very popular commercially. 

How to taste fresh raw Oyster?

Make sure they smell good

Just like a glass of wine, you first want to get “the nose” for the oyster, as it will help you recognize taste variations and the “merroir,” which is similar to “terroir” in wine. It’s how the flavor is affected by where they are grown. Make sure it smells like the sea; like a cool breeze off the bay, not what’s left in the bottom of a bait bucket.

Make sure they’re cold

The shell and the meat should be ice cold! If they're not, don’t eat them. Be discerning at big oyster events -- even five minutes off the ice on a paper plate in the warm air is not desired.

Atlantic Oyster
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